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About 23 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes today — and over 7 million men and women have diabetes but don’t know it yet. If you’re at risk or suffering from Type 1, Type 2, or prediabetes, dedicated medical support is crucial because diabetes can potentially be deadly if not managed properly. Frank Mazza, MD, of Concierge Medicine and Wellness in Richmond, Texas, offers concierge care because it allows for more customized care, easy access to your doctor, more time with your care providers, and easy-to-get appointments. Click online scheduling, or call the office to get diabetes care now.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which you make too little insulin, or your body doesn’t process insulin the right way. Because insulin is essential for processing the sugar you take in, a lack of insulin means you end up with high blood sugar. This can cause severe health problems, including nerve damage, vision loss, limb loss, and potentially death. 

With Type 1 diabetes, which is almost always diagnosed in childhood, your pancreas doesn’t make the insulin you need. With Type 2 diabetes, your pancreas produces insulin, but your body doesn’t use it efficiently. Type 1 diabetes isn’t preventable, but Type 2 is. With help from your Concierge Medicine and Wellness care provider, you can manage either condition effectively.

How can I prevent Type 2 diabetes?

If you’re at risk for diabetes or already have prediabetes (elevated blood sugar levels, but not at diabetes levels yet), you can take control of your health to avoid the disease. 

Your Concierge Medicine and Wellness care provider recommends changes to help you avoid Type 2 diabetes, such as losing weight, changing your diet, and increasing your exercise. For example, just 150 minutes of weekly exercise and losing 7% of your total body weight (if overweight or obese) is often enough to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

If your blood sugar isn’t stabilized through these changes, your care provider might prescribe oral medication to help. If you’re dedicated to your health changes and work with your Concierge Medicine and Wellness care provider, you don’t have to develop Type 2 diabetes.

What is the treatment for diabetes?

Your Concierge Medicine and Wellness care provider prescribes treatment according to your individual needs. Once your blood sugar is tightly controlled, your care provider works closely with you to maintain your wellness. 

With Type 1 diabetes, you need insulin, which involves either injections or an insulin pump. You’ll also need to check blood sugar levels regularly to make sure your blood sugar is well controlled. 

You can often control Type 2 diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a well-rounded diet, and regular physical activity. You might also need oral medication, injected insulin, or an insulin pump for Type 2 diabetes depending on its stage and severity. Of course, you also need to monitor your blood sugar regularly. 

Your Concierge Medicine and Wellness providers are here to support you, so you can live healthy with diabetes. Book an appointment online or by phone now.