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Concierge Medicine and Wellness

Primary Care Physician & Aesthetics located in Richmond, TX

Your family deserves a dedicated medical care team that’s always there for support and care. At Concierge Medicine and Wellness in Richmond, Texas, Frank Mazza, MD, and his team use a retainer-based model, so they can maintain a smaller patient panel, and longer, more thorough visits. This model also provides patients more access to providers than you’d get with regular family medicine providers. The caring team handles all aspects of primary care for you and your family, so get in touch online or by phone to learn more now.

Dermaplaning is also known as dermal blading and has quickly become a favorite treatment among patients. Dermaplaning is another way for us to exfoliate and resurface the top layer of skin. This treatment is considered gentle and suitable for the most sensitive skin. 

We recommend this treatment for the face, but the treatment area can be adjusted as needed. 

Benefits include:

- Epidermal resurfacing revitalizes the skin's surface layer, which can sometimes contribute to skin brightening by removing pigmented layers.

- Better penetration of products from serums to toners and even moisturizers.

- Removal of peach fuzz that allows for smoother makeup application. 

- Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types

You do not need to be a practice member to enjoy our Aesthetic services. To schedule your consultation please call our office at 281-207-0770 and ask about our aesthetics services.