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Do you still file with my insurance company?

We do not file with any health plans including Medicare. Patients with private insurance are able to file on their own with the information we give them when they pay any charges. Medicare patients are prohibited under federal regulations from seeking reimbursement for payments they make to us or any other non participating provider. Please note that our being out of network does not effect coverage with any in-network hospitals or facilities we may send you to for treatment or testing.


I still don’t understand if I have insurance coverage, why am I charged a fee?

Patients of concierge medical practices such as ours receive services that are not payable by insurance plans. The benefits of same day appointments, the 24/7 availability of their personal physician and the focus on preventative health care can only be provided when the doctors have a reduced patient load. The fee offsets the income loss caused by the smaller number of patients being cared for by Concierge Medicine and Wellness.


One of the benefits you list is a comprehensive annual exam. Will my insurance company pay on that?

Non-Medicare patients are given paperwork necessary for filing on their own. Check with your provider to see how your plan will reimburse for this. Please see information regarding the annual exam and its components on our Services page.


How often do I pay the retainer fee?

This is an annual fee payable by check or credit card. There are several payment options, including semi, quarterly and monthly.


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