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Concierge Medical Services


As a patient of Concierge Medicine and Wellness you receive the following medical services:

Comprehensive Annual Physical Examination

This annual physical includes comprehensive blood tests, EKG, vision and hearing screening, pulmonary function testing, urinalysis and bone density screening. Depending on your particular situation and risk factors, exercise treadmill testing may also be done.  A follow-up visit will be scheduled so that we can thoroughly review the results with you and make appropriate recommendations. Copies of all findings will be supplied to you for your records.

Direct access to your physician during non-office hours via his personal cell phone.

Same day or next business-day appointments even for minor & non-urgent medical problems.

Little or no office waiting time, and relaxed, unhurried appointments. Your time is important to us and we want to make sure that all of your health concerns are addressed and your questions answered.

All physician care. We believe that the best healthcare can only be provided by physicians, and therefore consultations are with physicians every time.

Real people to take your calls. Our specially trained concierge staff will answer your call and assist you with your needs. We treat our patients as if they are members of our own family.

Email and fax correspondence with your physician for non-urgent health issues or questions.

House calls if you are too ill or otherwise unable to come to our office, as deemed appropriate by Concierge Medicine and Wellness staff on a case-by-case basis.

Specialist liaison services to assist you in arranging consultations and outside diagnostic studies and to advocate on your behalf.

Phone consultations during traveling and extended vacations. We will be readily available for phone consultation with you and/or other healthcare personnel that might be involved in your care away from home. We can help evaluate your problem, phone in prescriptions, and follow up with you once you return home. With the exception of a few controlled substances, most prescriptions can be ordered anywhere in the country.

Care for visiting family and/or friends. Should your family or friends become ill during a visit, we will gladly assist them with their medical care.

Strong focus on preventative medicine and long-term health and wellness.


Concierge Medicine and Wellness
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